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Bullet Proof Switcher

The "Bullet Proof" Switcher Engine

"Four tons of pulling power in a small package"

The Bullet Proof Switcher, referred to as the "BPS", is a Copyright protected, propietary design by Precision Railroad Products. It is modeled after an EMD road switcher, to give it a streamlined and attractive look. Precision Railroad Products' goal with the BPS was to make a top quality locomotive that anyone could afford, and EVERYONE would want to own. Every part of this engine shows superior design and capability.
The BPS was designed using AUTO-CAD, and SOLIDWORKS. The chassis deck, ends, and sides are Waterjet cut from 1/2 inch steel. Its body is 100% laser cut out of  12 gauge cold rolled steel. This higher level of quality in the steel is needed due to the CNC bending and rolling that is done to make these bodies. There are NO body fillers or BONDO used ANYWHERE! These locomotives can be completely powder-coated.

This unit is 100% STEEL!!!
Not to mention it really looks great too!
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